**New Solar Financing Available**

Rexel’s added value stems from its Availability, Innovation, Expertise, Integration and Competitiveness.

With quick payback periods and a lifetime of savings, you already know solar energy is one of the best and safest investments you can offer your residential or commercial property customers. Add to that the increasing energy costs every year, and the immediate expense reductions you can offer your customers are only the beginning. Federal, State and local tax incentives and rebates can greatly reduce the cost of going solar. With all of these benefits, plus reductions in your carbon footprint, what are you waiting for?

Rexel’s team has the expertise to help you create the perfect solution using the latest in solar technology.

Every day, Rexel forecasts demand, places orders, replenishes inventory, and provide electrical supplies to its networks to deliver the most complete line of solar products as quickly as possible.

Rexel’s logistics model is adapted to meet the specific regional and market situations, thus optimizing product availability, service quality, and delivery systems.

Rexel is constantly innovating by testing new sales concepts and enriching its offer with the most current products and services.

By distributing solutions that are reliable and profitable, Rexel manages to keep pace with the accelerated development of innovative technologies such as solar energy systems, LED lighting, energy efficiency, and home automation.

Rexel is strengthening its expertise in the industrial, commercial and public sectors by creating specialized sales structures, such as the Solar Solutions group, plus other support teams dedicated to new offers and customer categories.

Present both upstream and downstream alongside its suppliers and customers, Rexel is rolling out increasingly integrated services in transaction and logistics processes.

Rexel takes charge of all or part of the supply chain for key industrial and commercial accounts. To keep pace with the strong growth in this business, Rexel is reinforcing its support role in purchasing and is developing integrated computer systems.

As a leader in its sector, Rexel negotiates the best prices with its suppliers.

Backed by its expertise, Rexel advises and guides all customers in their purchases based on their needs, budget, and the return on investment sought by end-users.

By guaranteeing the best product offer at the best price, and by advising customers on the energy efficiency of their facilities, Rexel optimizes costs throughout the product life cycle.

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