Who We Are

Solutions and services powering innovation in electrical distribution

At Rexel USA, our goal is to be the best distributor in the electrical industry.
To do this, we want to have the best value proposition for our customers to ensure we deliver outstanding financial performance. Maintain and build strong relationships with our suppliers and equip all of our people with the right tools, training, and support that they need to be successful. With all of this, we also want to remain humble and know when and how we can do better.

About Rexel USA, Inc

Our Focus on Smarter Solutions Made Us America's Premier Distributor

Millions of US electrical customers trust the expertise, resources and relationships of Rexel USA, Inc. As the US presence of Rexel Group, one of the world's largest electrical distributors, we apply our know-how, productivity tools and hands-on business-building initiatives to help our customers thrive. Not satisfied with simply delivering products, nearly half of our employees are dedicated to improving how we connect customers with the supplies, solutions and services they need. We've developed supply chain models that reduce inventory, raise productivity and cut installation costs. We also help our customers uncover new opportunities. Our energy teams can slash the cost and raise the performance across a facility – from lighting upgrades to complete energy management solutions.

Core Competencies

Deliver The Best Customer Experience

We draw inspiration from our customers by understanding their requirements and are always looking for creative paths to help them create more value.

Join Forces For Success

We team up with our stakeholders for mutually rewarding partnerships

Encourage Innovation

We develop new business models and inventive ways to increase value creation.

Engage People To Develop Their Talents

We develop the talent of our teams providing our stakeholders with the most experienced, knowledgeable and skilled Rexel partners.

Trust Each Other

We hold each other accountable for promises and responsibilities.

Enjoy Making A Difference

We act as champions and ambassadors to make Rexel the partner of choice.

Our Leadership

Committed to Results
Hands-on experience and a commitment to innovate.
The Rexel leadership team understands the challenges, objectives and needs of our customers, suppliers and shareowners. That's why reaching out to connect with customers is standard operating procedure. Their experience and commitment are continuously improving a distribution delivery model focused on results.


Our sustainable development strategy
As a worldwide expert in distribution and a key player in the energy world, Rexel encourages the co-creation of value with many different stakeholders. The Group’s sustainable development approach focuses on 3 pillars to meet their challenges and expectations.
Our approach
Rexel shares with all the other players in the electrical industry a major responsibility with regards to the challenges of energy transition, climate change and energy access.
A recognized sustainable performance
Each year, numerous organizations recognize the efforts made by the Group as well as its sustainable development performance.
Our global compact support
Drawing on its leadership and its proximity with all its stakeholders, the Rexel Group has always favored a sustainable and responsible approach in its activities.


Working at Rexel means choosing a worldwide expert that anticipates its customers’ needs and empowers its teams to keep a step ahead in a changing energy world.
Think ahead
The world of energy is engaged in a fascinating process of transition, and so is Rexel, which is why the commitment of our people is such a key factor for our continued success.
Work with a great team
The Group's five employer promises are designed to encourage initiative, support personal career plans, develop skills and promote long-term talent throughout the world.
Make a personal impact
Rexel USA, Inc. takes its responsibility as a good corporate citizen seriously. We strive to deliver on Rexel's commitment to pursue a profitable business model, strengthen the fight against climate change, encourage the personal fulfillment of its employees, and take concrete steps to help the community.
Learn from the best
As customers and products change, Rexel employees learn continuously. They have the opportunity to develop their potential to the full through training and working alongside the Group’s top experts.
Earn the career you want
Rexel offers extensive opportunities for career development within a given field of expertise or through mobility to an entirely new part of the business.

Our Companies