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Item #: 1155568
Cat #: 4VT2-LD4-8-DR-UNV-L850-CD1-WL-U
UPC: 080083753826
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MET 4VT2-LD4-8-DR-UNV-L850- -CD1-WL-U


MET 4VT2-LD4-8-DR-UNV-L850- -CD1-WL-U
The Vaportite LED Series is an energy efficient industrial Vaportite fixture that features rugged and durable construction. The Vaportite LED incorporates a full metal fixture liner inside a reinforced fiberglass housing with a high impact diffuser. This Vaportite series is suitable for interior and exterior applications and can be surface or chain mounted. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish the integrity of acrylic components. Refer to the Material Compatibility tables for additional information.
Also known as: 080083753826, 4VT2-LD4-8-DR-UNV-L850-CD1-WL-U


Type: LED
Type: LED

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