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Hidden End Clamp

Item #: 1275416
Cat #: CAMO-01-M1
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Universal invisible end clamp for IronRidge racking. This end clamp is installed underneath the modules, allowing you to hide the rails. It can be easily installed with no tools and is compatible with most modules. See installation manual for module compatibility guidelines.
Most solar installations use mounting rails and fasteners to secure modules to the building structure, but these critical components often protrude from the sides of the modules, giving arrays a coarse look. CAMO is an invisible fastener that secures solar modules flush to rail ends, creating a clean, sleek appearance. CAMO works with nearly all solar modules and installs without tools or torque specifications. It simply rotates into place to structurally secure and electrically bond with the module.
Also known as: CAMO-01-M1, Camo end


Color: Silver
Material: Aluminum
Product Weight: .170 lbs
Color: Silver
Product Weight: .170 lbs
Material: Aluminum

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