High-Speed Round Body Fuse

Item #: 1291351
Cat #: L70QS450
UPC: 079458860320
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High-Speed Round Body Fuse, 450 Amps, L70QS Series, Very Fast-Acting


High-Speed Round Body Fuse, 450 Amps, L70QS Series, Very Fast-Acting
The L70QS Series is a next generation High-Speed Fuse for the protection of power semiconductor devices and is designed in the Traditional North American Bolted Style package. L70QS Series High-Speed Fuses are extremely current limiting and are used to protect power converters, drives and control circuit applications. Designed with lower I2t performance characteristics, these fuses provide balanced performance to extend longevity while lowering potentially damaging heat energy to the devices being protected. In addition L70QS Series fuses have been designed with a universal mounting option to meet customer requirements for installation into a variety of application configurations Littelfuse POWR-SPEED™ products offer optimized circuit protection at the extremely fast speed required to protect modern day, sensitive, high-power semiconductor devices. Such products are commonly found in various industries including pulp and paper industries, cranes and heavy-lifting equipment, processing industries, wastewater treatment plants and large factories and MRO facilities.
Also known as: 079458860320, L70QS450


Type: Fuse
Type: Fuse

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