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Conduit Body, Type: LB, Size: 3/4", Form 7, Malleable Iron

Item #: 26097
Cat #: LB27
UPC: 781381506694
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Conduit Body, Type: LB, FM7, Size: 3/4", Material: Grayloy Iron
Smooth, rounded integral bushings in hubs protect conductor insulation. Accurately tapped, tapered threads for tight, rigid joints and excellent ground continuity. Wedge-Lok™ Form-IN-Place covers with integral gasket are approved for use in wet locations. Grayloy-iron bodies with cast covers and gasket are approved for use in wet locations. Unique Wedge-Lok™ clip cover design allows easy removal at any later time, without damaging the conduit body. The cover is secured with clips, not screws. Flat back design provides greater cubic content for easier wire pulling, and more room for splicing. Fits flush and snug against flat surfaces for more stable installation.
Also known as: 781381506694, LB27, 2NA57, lb-27


Material: Malleable Iron
Diameter: 3/4 in
Family / Style: Form 7
Material: Malleable Iron
Family / Style: Form 7
Diameter: 3/4 in

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