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Flat Washer, 3/8", Steel

Item #: 266882
Cat #: FW38
UPC: 781002310907
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Flat Washer. Inside Size: 3/8". Outside Diameter: 7/16". Thickness: 5/64". Zinc Plated Steel. Package Quantity: 100. *Dottie Part # 31090.*
Flat Washers are used to increase the surface area of fasteners, in order to evenly distribute the force applied when tightening them to a surface. They are also used to prevent loosening due to vibration, to stop the bolt or screw from pulling through, and act as spacers.They are manufactured from steel and zinc-plated and are manufactured to ASME B18.21.1 standard.
Also known as: 781002310907, FW38, Cut washer


Diameter: 3/8 in
Material: Steel
Diameter: 3/8 in
Material: Steel

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