10.3 Oz. Fire Stop Caulk Red

Item #: 310429
Cat #: MC150
UPC: 781002163565
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10.3 Oz. Fire Stop Caulking Compound Red - Economy


10.3 Oz. Fire Stop Caulking Compound Red - Economy
MC150 is an elastomeric, one component, general purpose fire rated sealant, acoustic sealant and smoke seal for construction joints and through-penetrations. It is a water based, non-sag caulking grade sealant that is easy to apply and to retrofit. It cures to an elastomeric seal that is suitable where dynamic movement is expected. In the event of a fire, Metacaulk 150 will prevent the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water through joint openings and through-penetrations. No dilution or mixing is required for use.
Also known as: 781002163565, MC150


Color: Red
Color: Red

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