5" PAR30 Adjustable Line Voltage Module

Item #: 379717
Cat #: M5P30
UPC: 662400615422
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5 Inch PAR30 Adjustable Line Voltage Module


5 Inch PAR30 Adjustable Line Voltage Module
A 5" aperture specification grade modular housing platform that offers a accepts a variety of modules utilizing compact fluorescent, low voltage and line voltage tungsten-halogen lamps . Suitable for 2x10 residential framing or commercial installation. The platform is airtight to prevent energy loss, room drafts, dust marks on ceilings and reduce sound transmission. Units may be used in direct contact with insulation and building products. A complete fixture requires three components: a P5 housing platform, a lamp module and a 5" optical element. Elements and modules may be changed after installation to provide a variety of distributions.
Also known as: 662400615422, M5P30


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