Gloves Tradesman Xl (pop)

Item #: 387452
Cat #: 0358-14XL
UPC: 783310001218
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Gloves Tradesman Xl (pop)
Our new gloves are made from premium materials and are designed to offer an optimal combination of dexterity, comfort and protection All of our new gloves include the following features: State-of-the-art moisture management fabric that wicks away sweat to keep hands dry High-density foam padding to absorb impact and vibration Double-stitched wear pads on the fingers and palms for durability Reinforced pull tabs make it easier to put on the gloves while prolonging seam life Stretch panels for increased dexterity and comfort Molded hook and loop strap adjusts comfortably to the wrists and keeps debris out Tradesman - form-fitting, high dexterity work gloves ideally suited for the job site Spandex back has corrugated padded knuckles and fingers for extra protection and flexibility Terry cloth thumb with flex-weave insert for brow wiping Full neoprene cuff with extended underside for added protection and a textured tab for pulling on the gloves
Also known as: 783310001218, 0358-14XL


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