1-1/2 Form 7 X Fitting

Item #: 624699
Cat #: PRX57
UPC: 784011204496
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Rob-r Prx57 1-1/2 Form 7 X Fi


Rob-r Prx57 1-1/2 Form 7 X Fi
Plasti-Bond PVC Coated Form 7 conduit bodies with covers are offered in numerous configurations to provide a complete coated conduit system. May be used to make 90˚ bends, for pull outlets, to provide for taps or splices, to act as a mounting outlet for wiring devices or lighting fixtures, etc. Electrical continuity of the conduit system is maintained across assembled joints.
Also known as: 784011204496, PRX57


Material: PVC Coated Steel
Material: PVC Coated Steel

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