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Strut Strap, Universal, 1-1/4", Steel

Item #: 79364
Cat #: PS-1300-AS-1-1/4-EG
UPC: 702316506879
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Universal Strut Strap, Diameter: 1-1/4", Material: Steel, Finish: Electro-Galvanized, .075" Thickness, Universal Clamp for EMT, IMC & GRC. *** Item is in Manufacturer Allocation. Quantity is Subject to Approval ***
Power-Strut pipe, conduit and O.D. tubing clamps are made on punch press dies from hot rolled, pickled and oiled steel which conforms to the ASTM A-1008, A-1011 SS, A-575 and A-576 standards. Select sizes of O.D. tubing clamps are available in stainless steel or aluminum.
Also known as: 702316506879, PS-1300-AS-1-1/4-EG, unistrut clamp, 11/4" rigid strut clamp, 11/4" strut clamp


Diameter: 1 1/4 in
Material: Steel
Diameter: 1 1/4 in
Material: Steel

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