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rexel automation

You need your business to operate at its highest level every day of the week. Our unique lineup of services ensures you're ready to face the challenges that stand in the way. Rexel Works features services in five categories designed to keep jobs on time and under budget: labor savings, inventory management, project management, e-services, and training and support services. Rexel Works was created to be flexible and fully customizable, whether you need full, turnkey support or standalone offerings to hit specific project.
rexel works rexel works

Whatever your industry, Rexel’s strategic partnerships enable us to provide complete process control solutions for you. We work with the best process domain experts available and have a deep understanding of our clients’ applications and operational needs, setting us apart from the competition. Our capabilities range from front-end engineering and design of your capital projects to turnkey overall project management. If you are introducing a new process, need to update processes, or require operational support, let Rexel Automation help serve your needs.
process control

Protecting employees and intellectual property are among your top priorities. That’s why you make sure safety is a key component of your manufacturing processes.Rexel is committed to being on top of the latest safety expertise. Our experts maintain up-to- date knowledge of key industry regulations and safety requirements. We can help you reduce downtime, avoid incidents and injuries, and develop strategies that leverage safety and improve productivity. Contact your local Rexel Automation team to learn more about Rexel’s portfolio of safety services and solutions.
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In today's challenging business environment, having prompt access to manufacturing information is critial to your success. Integrating information systems with manufacturing processes give you access to critical supply chain data, enabling you to make decisions in real time. Rexel's automation and network specialists provide expertise in integrating information technology with operation technology. Rexel offers a wide breath of network products and services. This range coupled with our expertise of the plant floor uniquely positions Rexel to provide solutions in the IT/OT space covering both physical and informational requirements. We focus on ensuring successful operation of your organization backbone - your network.
Industrial Networking

Whether you're an OEM, end user, Integrator, or serve the industrial manufacturing space in another capacity, you can access the global reach of Rexel through our local presence. In addition, you can rely on our national team of technical specialists to ensure the job is done accurately and on time. When you partner with Rexel, you benefit from our automation specialists in addition to hundreds of our automation partners around the globe. This enables you to create sustainable solutions for your immediate and long term success.
Automation Solutions